PHOTO: Attila Kleb

Documentary about Garbriel García Márquez

In 2014 I travelled to Caribbean Colombia with all my filming equipment in one small bag to discover the footprints of one of my favourite writers, Gabriel García Márquez. The year before I was a scholar in a cultural journalism course organized by his own journalism foundation (FNPI). Then I spent three unforgettable weeks in the three most important cities of his Colombian life, Cartagena de Indias, Barranquilla, Aracataca and decided to return and capture with my camera what captivated me so much there.
Two weeks before my departure García Márquez had died in Mexico. This unexpected event rewrote the script which had anyway been spontaneous. I spent quite a long time with his brother, Jaime García Márquez, his sisters Aida and Lígia, his friend from early childhood, Señor Joaquín and others who had some kind of connection with the writer, or Gabo, as he is called all over Latin America.

 I have been editing the many hour-long footage since the beginning of 2015 and will put news about the film on this site. Till then here is a sort of trailer, which shows the feeling that determined every moment I spent there.