PHOTO: Attila Kleb


I started to learn video making on my own, then I mastered my knowledge by working beside experts. I was the leader of NolTV (the video website of the biggest daily newspaper in Hungary) for three years, before that I had spent some years in the editorial staff of Greenpoint Society (it had a magazine programme at the public television on leisure and sports), and the Tudásmédia online science television as an editor and reporter. I studied one semester at the Budapest Film Academy.
I have been working as a video journalist since 2009, doing all the phases of videography alone, but if necessary, I cooperate with colleagues and work in a bigger team. Currently I am the videographer of the Budapest Zoo. I also film events, make profile videos and other types of films. I am also working on my documentary about Gabriel García Márquez that I have been doing alone since the beginning and which shows the main cities of the writer’s life in Colombia and his connection to these sites.
I do the preparation, shooting, interviewing,editing, narration (if necessary) to all my videos. Choosing the right music and editing it to fit the content is highly important through my work.

Szurikáta Best shots in 2015 at the ZOO

Joel Sartore Joel Sartore at the Budapest Zoo

holnemvolt Holnemvolt Park

beka-kep About a zoological research

siketek_1 Teaching music to deaf people

fokep Homeless musicians


monocle MONOCLE

toscan Olive harvest

recirquel Recirquel

mupa-foto MÜPA PHOTO



lajhar Sloth

flamingok Flamingos

orangutan Orangutan

lepkek Butterflies

kiselefánt Baby elephant