PHOTO: Attila Kleb

Tango musicality

zeneisegTango, as they say, is walking in an embrace. One can walk to any kind of music, and if the embrace is pleasant, the dance can’t be bad.
During the 140 year long history of tango an incredibly rich musical world has been created with hundreds of orchestras, different styles and schools. If dancers know and understand tango music and if they try to use its possibilities in their improvisational dance, their dancing together will be much more enjoyable. I help dancers to achieve this experience through workshops, courses and private lessons.
The topics of the classes vary from tango history through listening to dancing. Dancers themselves become instruments that play a 3 minute story with their own body and their partner’s body.
My excellent fellow teacher in these courses is Béla Barabás, tango dancer and teacher, and leader of Contact Impro Tango. We have been thinking and brainstorming together for years about how we could incorporate tango musicality into the teaching of this wonderful dance. Classes were and are born from this mutual creative thinking. We teach together and adjust our method to the particular group’s dynamics, interest and knowledge. Information about upcoming courses will be shown here.
If you are interested in private classes in tango musicality either in English, Spanish or French, contact me on