PHOTO: Attila Kleb
Eszter Vörös

Welcome to my website!

On the following pages let me introduce myself through my two passions. I am a musician and a videographer.
When playing music, the most important aspect for me is to make the listener happy whilst I am also enjoying it!
In video making I would like to show what I can see and feel; as well as what others haven’t or couldn’t perceive. I always put my heart and soul in both activities. That’s what makes them both special and personal.
Thank you for your visit and enjoy browsing.


„Eszter Vörös is extremely resourceful and enterprising. She is not frightened of challenges, in fact she is out to seek them. Eszter combines the best qualities of a reporter with an artistic flair.”

– Peter Pallai, ex-Senior Producer at the BBC World Service.

Next concert:

Evenings in Taksony

Happily after our concert in Brody Studios, we will play our favourite Piazzolla and tango pieces in this lovely town near Budapest. Outdoor concert at sunset. Gábor Selmeczi on violin, Évi Gárdos at the piano and Attila György plays the bass.
Venue: Taksony, main square
Date: August 4th, 2017.